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Billing & Collection Policy

Annually you will receive your upcoming year’s assessments. Please understand that the operation and maintenance

of your Resort is dependent upon timely payment of your annual maintenance fee.

Float Time Owners: The amount billed is due upon receipt and is considered delinquent after January 31.  After January 31 a late fee of

$25 and interest in the amount of 18% APR may be added to your account.

Fixed Time Owners: The amount billed is due upon receipt but MUST be paid prior to your fixed week or at check-in. Once the Saturday check-in date of your fixed week has passed, your account will be marked as delinquent and a late fee of $25 and interest in the amount of 18% APR may be added to your account, retroactively to January 31.

All Owners:  Once an account is 60 days past due, it may be sent to a collection agency where they can add an additional 40% on to the balance due SBC. Any other costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees, may also be added to the amount due. 
Payment Plans: We do accept payment plans. Please call early, prior to a delinquency, if you wish to set up a payment plan with the Billing Department.

Lock-Out Notice: The Association may deny the use of accommodations and resort facilities to owners whose assessments are 60 days or more past due.  A lock-out notice will be sent along with a statement of the account. The notice will clearly state that the owner(s), and/or their guest(s), will not be permitted to use their timeshare interval, or be permitted to make a reservation.  Even a confirmed reservation may be cancelled until the delinquency is satisfied or evidence is provided that the delinquency does not exist.  A notice of intent to rent may be included in the lock-out notice.

Billing Inquiries: Please contact the resort Billing Department immediately if you have any questions about your bill. The Billing Department is open Monday – Friday and is not available on Saturday’s (standard check-in).  If you wait until the day of check-in to address a billing issue, the front desk may not be able to assist you in that area, and this may delay or prevent your check-in. 

Resale’s:  There are Association Unit weeks for sale. Spread the word to family and friends so they can create memories with you. Please call the resort and ask for the Sales Department to purchase. We suggest contacting the American Resort Development Association / Resort Owners Coalitions at for information about timeshare resale’s. While they will not sell your timeshare for you, they do have information on how to sell your timeshare and how to avoid being the victim of timeshare fraud. Always use caution when going through any outside person or company to buy and / or sell timeshare. Never give large sums of money to individuals to sell your property – this is the first sign that something may be awry. Timeshare fraud is an ongoing issue and the Association has implemented procedures to help protect all parties involved.  Please call the resort at 386.252.9681 and ask for Francis or e-mail Francis at to obtain additional information.

Address & Phone Number Changes: Please remember to let the resort know when you have a change of address or any other pertinent contact information. Make sure to confirm we have your most current phone number(s), including cell phones, and e-mail address.


Please be aware of the information you provide if a resale company contacts you. Not all resale companies have your best interests in mind. If you need
to re-sell your unit week, you should research condo resale companies and initiate the first contact. You should always maintain control of the conversation and you should get everything in writing. We also recommend not giving out any money upfront. If you are selling your unit/week you must have your account paid in full and must also submit a completed membership application online at for the proposed new owner to Silver Beach Club for an estoppel certification and review prior to recording a deed. A $75 transfer fee is payable to the resort along with a recorded deed in order to transfer the property over to a new owner.

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