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But really, what's happening ...

We know. We hear you. Everyone wants to know exactly what's happening over at Silver Beach Club after the storm. You saw the news as the storm passed over and now that there's no more meteorological activity it seems like everything should be back to normal. We wish that were the case but we are very thankful that the damages were not worse than they are.

What damages? We haven't seen any pictures.

Removing the green carpet

We know it is hard to understand when you cannot see the issue, but most of the problems we have cannot be photographed. What do we mean by that? Simply that Silver Beach Club incurred roof and water damage caused by a category 3 hurricane that pummeled our coastline, caused drastic water surges from the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, uprooted trees, destroyed parts of A1A and caused massive power outages for much of the northern part of the state for a week.

Power outages and the massive amounts of destruction caused along the Eastern Seaboard (all the way up to North Carolina) has brought us the next phase of the storm ... what we are calling our Category 5 Storm - the long list of other businesses and homeowners who need help to clean and fix up the mess left after Matthew made its departure back out to sea.

Freshly painted stairwells

Where are we now? The resort is currently closed while structural engineers, roofers, storm remediation techs, and the insurance adjusters review the damages and agree on

a plan. The resort will remain closed until the roof is repaired - which we are working hard on, but we are left to stand in line with the other individuals who are also on the list for roof repair. To date, carpeting has been removed from most of the units and a plan for floor replacement is underway. Our crew has also scrapped and repainted all of the stairwells, the shuffleboard court and surrounding area.

Many of you have been extremely kind and patient with us as we push through this difficult time. The staff at Silver Beach Club has been extremely dedicated with coming to help here first before even attending to their own personal losses at home. We are all feeling the tremendous weight of the aftermath, but are looking ahead to continuing with good positive changes and getting our beloved resort back up and ready for happy vacationers once again.

The shuffleboard court is freshly painted and ready.
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