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We Are Open!

We are so happy to announce that we are open for business again! We are still working on the property and some floors are still closed to guests for safety reasons, but we have had two mostly successful weeks with guests on site.

We want to stress that a lot of work is still being done. Painters and dry wall installers are still on property to assist us with fixing up the units for our upcoming busy season. Our staff is still working incredibly hard on moving furniture around and fixing other issues that have arisen from the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Roof and deck work is still in the works for completion as well.

While we are open, we are not accepting any new reservations for the month of January and early February. This is to help us in disturbing as few people as possible while they are enjoying their vacations.

Once we have some free rooms we will be sure to put up more updated photographs so everyone can see the work that has been put into bringing our beloved building back to life. Until then, here is a little sneak peak of one of the finished units.

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