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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Progress

Yesterday our order of porcelain tile was delivered to the resort. Contractors are currently removing old tile and prepping rooms for immediate installation. The interior rooms are all being painted and units with popcorn ceilings are being scraped, texturized and painted. We also received storage containers to assist with keeping our furniture safe while work is commencing in rooms and dumpsters to remove all of the old tile and other items which were damaged.

All of the Silver Beach Club Staff Members (aside for the front desk and billing) are active on property assisting with furniture moves, wallpaper removal, room inspection and project management. While we have teams on-site to manage the construction end of this project, our team is also partaking in very hard labor to prepare the building for operations.

Flores-Hager, the concrete restoration company, was on property Saturday to secure the roof edge and remove all loose material. This is important for our reopening to guests and safe environment for the workers onsite.

We are awaiting bids from carpenters for work to be done on our wood decking and from contractors for the roof work. A final decision on who will be awarded the contract will be made once all bids are in. Considering the magnitude of the local damage, these are VERY huge steps in helping us confirm our progress with our rebuilding and reopening goal of January 7, 2017.

We will keep you updated as to our progress as additional development occurs.

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